- Press Release -
January 12, 2001
Portland, Oregon


Kanto Corporation, the world's leading supplier of ultra high-purity process chemicals and engineered chemical systems, announced today that in response to market demand it is expanding its product line. In fourth quarter 2000, Kanto significantly increased capacity for all existing products as well as developed new products to enhance their current offerings.

Kanto expanded their supply capabilities for both enhanced and larger volume filling of domestic products. The raw materials for Kanto's highest volume chemistries, including ammonium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide and 2-propanol, have been sourced in the United States. By investing in additional containers and expanding filling lines, Kanto's has expanded its capacity of these high volume chemistries by 40%. In addition, for those specialized raw materials still imported, Kanto has increased their container capacity by approximately 30%.

Kanto also now offers a significantly expanded product line of mixed acid products and solvents. To ensure quality and prevent contamination, Kanto utilizes dedicated mixing tanks for blending. New products to Kanto's line include four (4) new custom mixed acid blends, new grades of 2-propanol and hydrogen peroxide, and DSP+ (Dilute sulfuric peroxide, plus). DSP+ is a pre-mixed product, which was engineered by Kanto to provide a safer, environmentally friendly, less expensive alternative to the traditional hydroxylamine-based strippers.

For more information about Kanto's products and services, please visit their website at www.kantocorp.com or contact Marketing and Sales, by E-mail at , or by phone at (866) 609-5571 / (503) 283-0405.