- Press Release -
March 13, 2000
Portland, Oregon


Kanto Corporation, the world's leading supplier of ultra high-purity process chemicals and chemical systems, announced today the installation of a new TMAH blend/dilution system at the existing fab of a major chip manufacturer in California utilizing sub 0.25 micron design rules. The Kanto system blends concentrated TMAH and DI Water, to produce up to 6,000 liters of dilute material per day. Proprietary Kanto technology allows the system to blend material to an accuracy of 0.0015% without reliance on titration.

The fully automated dilution system was designed and built in Portland, Oregon. In addition to the blend/dilution system, Kanto is supplying both the concentrated TMAH material for dilution and the pre-diluted backup supply. Kanto is supplying all of the products out of its Portland, Oregon manufacturing facility.

Diluting material on-site substantially reduces the incoming chemical volume and significantly reduces cost over purchasing pre-diluted TMAH. Further Kanto significantly reduced the customer's total cost of ownership by designing the TMAH dilution system so that it would not only fit into an existing facility, but also hook-up to and integrate with existing equipment. According to Rick Schellenger, the head of Kanto's Engineering Department, "Our customers are very focused on cost reduction. This system actually improves capability while offering significant cost reductions. The market is very interested in our blending/dilution product lines because of the performance and cost reduction opportunities." The system came on line in late October 1999. On a turnkey basis, Kanto Corporation was responsible for on-site installation, start-up and commissioning.

Kanto Corporation designs, fabricates and installs a full product line of chemical handling systems of proven reliability, including systems with multiple blending capabilities. They are the only supplier in the industry to offer a point of use purity guarantee at sub-ppb levels. Kanto also offers the highest purity electronic chemicals, on-site chemical services and service maintenance contracts. Please contact sales with any questions by E-mail at , or by phone at (866) 609-5571 /
(503) 283-0405.