- Press Release -
April 4, 2000
Portland, Oregon


Kanto Corporation, the world's leading supplier of ultra high-purity process chemicals and chemical systems, announced today a new, improved post CMP cleaning solution, CMP-MO2, designed specifically for copper processing. CMP-MO2 is a specially formulated high performance cleaner that has been proven to both reduce metal concentrations of copper, iron and aluminum on the wafer surface to 1010 atoms/cm2 as well as remove all particles.

Unlike many alternative chemistries, CMP-MO2 is not corrosive to metals and is neither hazardous nor flammable.

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) is the standard process used for the ultra-precise machining of composite materials that have layers with different mechanical properties. Polishing via CMP produces a uniform wafer surface, necessary for further device fabrications. Prior to further wafer processing, however, the surface must be cleaned of residual contamination left by the CMP. If not removed, these contaminants can adversely impact both device yield and performance. Kanto's CMP-MO2 effectively removes these contaminants at the lowest cost of ownership. The CMP-MO2 solution works at high dilution rates to lower effective costs.

In 1999, Kanto introduced CMP-MO1, which removed or significantly reduced the metal impurities left on the wafer surface by CMP. Kanto's CMP-MO2 is even better, and improved in that it also completely removes particle contamination on wafer surfaces to unsurpassed levels. Kanto field data proves that CMP-MO2 has results that allow for successful copper processing. The product has established a leading position in the Japanese market and is now available in the U.S. through Kanto's Portland Manufacturing Facility in Portland, Oregon.

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