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Bulk Chemical Delivery and Distribution Systems

The Kanto bulk chemical system is a fully automated, chemical receiving, storage, and distribution system designed for use with high purity process chemicals. Cabinetry neatly houses all of the valves, pumps and piping for the transfer, filtration and distribution operations. The system can be designed for both pump and pressure offloads.

General Features - Clean Connection Booth
  • PLC controlled with full color touch screen operator interface and simple SCADA integration
  • Integrated sample station
  • HEPA filtered connection area
  • Chemical transfer by pump or N2 pressure
  • Spray guns for DI water and N2
General Features - Storage Vessel
  • Pressure rated to allow for nitrogen blanketing and pressurized offload capabilities
  • Capacities from 12,000 liters to 30,000 liters
  • PTFE lined for corrosive service
  • 316L stainless steel for solvent service
  • Preconditioned for rapid commissioning
System Specifications and Components
  • Integrated Clean Connection Booth and Distribution Module
  • Polypropylene cabinet, fully encapsulated stainless steel frame, clear PVC exterior leak protection
  • Preconditioned PFA/PTFE wetted parts
  • Fully redundant distribution system components including pumps and filters
  • 12,000 liter storage vessel (316 SS or 3mm PTFE/304SS, larger available)
  • PLC controller with color touchscreen operator interface
  • Applicable standards: ANSI, NEC, UL, UBC, UFC, UMC, UPC, OSHA
  • Compliance with Class 1, Division 2 for flammable (stainless steel) models.
  • Approximate Clean Connection Booth/Distribution Module Dimensions: 78" W x 78" H x 48" D
  • Approximate Storage Vessel Dimensions: 90" D x 180" H (12,000 liter, larger available)
  • Nitrogen: 99.9995%, 25 l/min max. at 80 psi min., 10 particles/cf @ 0.1 m max.
  • CDA: -60C dewpoint, 30 scfm max. at 95 psi min., 10 particles/cf @ 0.2 m max.
  • DI Water: 18MW, 75 l/min min. at 45 psi min., 10 particles/ml @ 0.1m
  • Chemical Drain: 50 l/min max.
  • Exhaust: 200 cfm @ -0.5" H2O min.
  • Power: 120 VAC @ 15 A