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CS-50 Point of Use Chemical Distribution Module

Kantos stand-alone POU chemical dispense units are semi-automated, low cost units that allow for safe and local chemical distribution. They are designed for lower volume chemical use with 100 liter or smaller pressure canister feed (for the nitrogen system), or bottles, pails, or carboys (with the pump system). Our POU dispense units provide the advantages and flexibility of a bulk delivery system, at a fraction of the cost.

General Features
  • Dispense by nitrogen or pump pressure
  • System status flat panel display (FPD) touch screen
  • All valves, fittings and connection points housed within cabinetry
  • System status indicated by light tower
  • Cabinet contains any vapor and/or chemical leakage
System Specifications and Components
  • Portable polypropylene cabinet
  • Approximate Dimensions: 35 W x 66 H x 25 D
  • Nitrogen: 99.9995%, 30 l/min max at 80 psi min, 10 particles/cf @ 0.1 m max
  • CDA: -60C dewpoint, 5 scfm max at 95 psi min, 10 particles/cf @ 0.2 m max
  • Exhaust: 100 scfm @ -0.5' H2O min
  • Power: 120 VAC @ 15A