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DS-200/DS-200X2 Chemical Dilution System

Kanto Corporation's DS-200 and DS-200x2 chemical dilution units are designed for onsite production of low-mid volume dilute chemistries. Each module utilizes house supplies of DI water and full strength chemistries to produce 1 or more dilute chemistries with unrivaled accuracy. These fully automated chemical dilution modules are supplied in a preassembled, 100% self contained, cabinet that even includes the dilution and daytank vessels. Kanto's unique, conductivity controlled, dilution process eliminates reliance on autotitrators while achieving optimal throughput. Detail to design ensures no cross mixing when the DS-200x2 is selected for production of multiple dilutions.

General Features
  • Instrument grade load cells and conductivity meters for dilution accuracy to +/- 0.002%
  • PLC-controlled with open architecture design and color touchscreen operator interface
  • Fully integrated cabinet housing all components, including 200 liter dilution and daytank vessels
Additional Performance Features
  • Designed to routinely produce one or more dilutions from a single unit
  • Shipped fully assembled to require a minimum of onsite installation and facilitization work
  • Built-in redundancy for superior reliability and zero downtime
  • Preconditioned high purity PFA/PTFE piping materials for accelerated commissioning.
  • Easily upgraded to accommodate changes in dilute chemistry requirements
System Specifications and Components
  • Instrument grade load cells and conductivity meters for process control
  • 200 liter dilution vessel
  • 200 liter daytank (DS-200x2 includes two 200 liter daytanks)
  • Double diaphragm pumps with leak detection for mixing and product distribution
  • Pulsation dampener
  • Single pass product filtration
  • Pressure transducer
  • Accumulator (eliminates air and/or gas in the chemical line and filter, and provides additional attenuation of pulses.
  • Multiple blow-down/flushing points.
  • Preconditioned PFA/PTFE wetted parts
  • Polypropylene cabinet, clear PVC exterior leak protection, with purged controls compartment
  • Approximate Dimensions: 78" W x 78" H x 36" D (108" W for DS-200x2 models)
  • Nitrogen: 99.9995%, 25 l/min max at 80 psi min, 10 particles/cf @ 0.1 m max
  • CDA: -60C dewpoint, 30 scfm max at 95 psi min, 10 particles/cf @ 0.2 m max
  • DI Water: 18MW, 75 l/min min at 45 psi min, 10 particles/ml @ 0.1m
  • Chemical Drain: 50 l/min max
  • Exhaust: 200 cfm @ -0.5" H2O min
  • Power: 120 VAC @ 15A