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General Information

  • The Experienced Supplier
  • Kanto Distribution Systems
  • Chemical Distribution Module
  • General System Features and Specifications
  • Safety Features
  • Options & Customization

    Total Supply Capabilities
    It is Kanto's mission to lower your total cost of ownership by providing effective solutions to your chemical purity, volume, flow rate, control, and monitoring needs. We can design and build chemical handling systems to meet the requirements of any new or existing fab. We can offer point-of-use quality assurance and ensure all your chemical and systems needs are met or exceeded.

    The Experienced Supplier TOP
    Kanto was the pioneer of the high purity chemical delivery system concept in Japan. We now have over 20 years of systems experience with the largest installed base of chemical handling equipment in the semiconductor industry. Kanto has over 2,000 chemical distribution systems installed worldwide, with well over 100 of these designed and fabricated in the United States.

    Kanto Distribution Systems - A Full Product Line TOP
    Kanto designs, fabricates, and installs a full product line of chemical handling systems with proven reliability. We offer a standard product line as well as custom-designed systems to meet the challenges of the most demanding clients and facilities. Our standard chemical systems are listed below:
    • CS-50 Point-of-Use (Small Volume) Chemical Distribution Module
    • LS-200/LS-200DT (Medium Volume) Chemical Distribution Module
    • LS-500 (High Volume) Chemical Distribution Module
    • Bulk Chemical Delivery and Distribution Systems
    • DS-200/DS-200X2 (Small Volume) Chemical Dilution System
    • Product Specific (High Volume) Chemical Blending and Dilution Systems
    • CMP Slurry Blending/Distribution Systems
    • CW-200 Waste Chemical Collection System
    We also offer chemical re-conditioning, bulk waste chemical collection, and custom engineered systems to meet the operational requirements of most semiconductor manufacturing applications. Please refer to the individual product technical specifications for information specific to each system, or contact us at .

    Chemical Distribution Module - Performance Features TOP
    A chemical dispense system should reduce the number of particles present in the incoming chemical. Kanto utilizes the latest filter technology to clean the chemical, actually decreasing the number of particles.

    In addition to reducing the number of particles, Kanto's systems are designed and fabricated to substantially reduce the potential for ionic leaching. We use only the highest purity Teflon components, chemically preconditioning all wetted components (including distribution piping and tubing) with a proprietary chemical cleaning/conditioning process. This process, coupled with Kanto's extensive installation experience and clean manufacturing environment, allows for near immediate qualification during commissioning of new chemical delivery systems. Not only is qualification faster, but significantly less chemical is consumed in the qualification process.

    Kanto can offer a specific point-of-use extractable and particle guarantee depending on the chemical, system design, and incoming chemical specification.

    General System Features and Specifications TOP
    Although a system can be custom designed to meet your specific needs and budget, some standard features of Kanto chemical systems are as follows:
    • PLC controller with individual touch-screen interface
    • Triple welded polypropylene cabinets with clear PVC exterior leak protection
    • Fully encapsulated stainless steel support frame
    • Welded and flare construction
    • High purity Teflon parts, including nuts on flare fittings
    • High purity PFA/PTFE piping materials
    • Automatic drum switching and filtration
    • 100% redundant operating systems
    • Pump or pressure (N2) distribution
    • Integrated clean-connection drum booth
    • Continuous in-drum re-circulation and polishing
    • N2 and DI Water spray guns inside the chemical delivery module
    • Sample box for multiple point sampling within the CDM
    • Control systems interlock with your life safety system
    For features specific to each system, please refer to the attached product technical specifications, or contact us at

    Safety Features TOP
    Kanto's systems are designed with special attention to safety. Some key standard safety features are as follows:
    • Emergency shutdown with all components residing in "fail-safe" mode
    • Cabinet exhaust provided for the safe ventilation of any chemical vapors.
    • Door interlock prevents unauthorized access to energized equipment.
    • Systems built with containment to hold the contents of an entire drum in case of failure or leak.
    • Cabinet leak detection
    • Loss of exhaust shutdown
    • Excess flow control
    • Visual and audible alarm annunciation
    • All alarm information provided at touch-screen interface
    • Drum rollers
    • Double containment
    Options & Customization TOP
    Although Kanto's standard systems are designed to meet the performance and budget needs of most semiconductor facilities, numerous options are available which may offer greater flexibility and or value depending on your current and future needs. In addition to the systems described here, Kanto offers custom designed chemical handling systems for very specific requirements. Again, our goal is to lower the total cost of ownership for each customer. Please contact our sales office at for more detailed information.