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LS-500 Chemical Distribution Module

Kanto CorporationÝs LS-500 chemical dispense units are designed for higher volume chemical use. These fully automated chemical delivery modules have a day tank with built-in drum back-up and are either bulk (tote/truck) or drum fed. The LS-500 units have three (3) transfer pumps and two (2) engines. A key purpose of the third pumps is back-up, for either the two (2) primary pumps, or the pressure dispense engine.

KantoÝs builds in this redundancy by design so all operations can continue even if one of the primary pumps or engines isnÝt functioning. The results are superior reliability and zero downtime ˝ even during maintenance.

The basic mechanics of the pumps/engines for the LS-500 are as follows:

  • Pump Number 1 - Re-circulation of the incoming chemical container, transfer of chemical from incoming chemical container to the day tank.

  • Pump Number 2 - Re-circulation and filling of the dual pressure vessel system.

  • Pump Number 3 - Back-up of other two-(2) pumps and the pressure dispense engines.

  • Pressure Dispense Engines (Both) - Transfers chemical to the point of use. Dual engines create seamless transition; no loss of flow during refilling.

  • System Specifications and Components
    • Double diaphragm pump with leak detection
    • Two- (2) or three- (3) filters in parallel
    • Surge suppressors - all pumps
    • Multiple blow-down/flushing points
    • Pressure transducers
    • Accumulator - signals an empty drum, eliminates air and/or gas in the chemical line and filter, and provided additional attenuation of pulses - pump dispense models
    • Dual pressure vessels - pressure dispense models
    • Flow transmitter
    • Approximate dimensions: Variable with vessel selection
    • Chemical Drain: 20 l/min max
    • Exhaust: 600 cfm @ -0.5' H2O min
    • Nitrogen: 99.9995%, 200 l/min max at 95 psi min, 10 particles/cf @ 0.1 Ám max
    • CDA: -60âC dewpoint, 20 scfm max at 95 psi min, 10 particles/cf @ 0.2 Ám max
    • DI Water: 18M W, 10 l/min min at 45 psi min, 10 particles/ml @ 0.1Ám
    • Power: 120 VAC @ 15A