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Product Specific Chemical Blending and Dilution Systems

Kantos blend/dilution system is an automatic, remotely operated system. Cabinetry neatly houses all of the valves, pumps and piping for the dilution, filtration and transfer operations. The system is drum or bulk-supplied, and is capable of blending/diluting up to 8,000 liters per day.

General Features
  • Integrated sample cabinet
  • Chemical transfer by pump or N2 pressure
  • Deionized water spray unit and N2 spray gun in each unit
  • System status flat panel display (FPD) touch screen
  • CDA operated automatic chemical valves
  • Hard-plumbed flush/drain ports provided on both sides of pump and filter
Additional Performance Features
  • Accuracy to +/- 0.0015%
  • Supply and return connection ports ensure no dead legs
  • Filtration bank for chemical off loading (0.1m)
  • Filtration bank for re-circulation and transfer operations (0.05m)
  • Trap located on cabinet exhaust prevents chemical from potentially entering facility exhaust system
  • Instrument grade load cells per measuring tank for accurate measurement
  • Dedicated controls system
Key Safety Features - Safety is a priority with Kanto systems
  • Pressure is monitored on all tanks, process lines, and incoming utilities.
  • Dilution valve at drain sump limits concentrated chemical in drain stream and allows drainage if no gravity drain is available.
  • N2 low pressure alarm
  • CDA low pressure alarm
  • Process flow, manual/auto operation switch, failure indication, leakage location, and timer setting switch(es) are all displayed on the cabinet panel.
System Specifications and Components
  • Automated batch analysis by conductivity meter (dilutions) or autotitrator (blends)
  • 1,500 liter Dilution Tank and Frame (3mm PTFE/304SS)
  • 2,000 liter concentrated storage tank
  • 3,000 liter diluted chemical storage tank
  • Isolation valve box for inlet to dilution tank
  • Approximate Dimensions: 78 W x 78 H x 48 D
  • Nitrogen: 99.9995%, 25l/min max. at 80 psi min, 10 particles/cf @0.1m max
  • CDA: -60C dewpoint, 30 scfm max at 95 psi min, 10 particles/cf @0.2m max
  • DI Water: 18M W, 75l/min min at 45 psi min, 10 particles/ml @0.1m
  • Chemical Drain: 50 l/min max.
  • Exhaust: 200 cfm @ -0.5 H2O min
  • Power: 120 VAC @ 15A