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Ultrapur Ultra High-Purity Reagent

Ultrapur is the guaranteed ultra-pure class reagent that meets the need for superior trace analysis to ppb detection limits and beyond. Please contact for additional information.

New and Improved to fill the ever-increasing need for ultra trace analysis and to complement the advancement in the sensitivity and performance of analytical tools.

Detection limits have been improved from ppb (10-9) to ppt (10-12) in high-tech areas such as in the semiconductor industry and new material-related industries requiring a detection limit of ppq (10-15).

Ultrapur is the ultra-pure class reagent to meet the needs of customers in the semiconductor, new material development, medical, biochemical, geochemical, and environmental chemistry industry.

Characteristics ÷Undetectable, minimal impurity content
Ultrapur products are refined with Kanto's special treatment method for use in the clean room environment. The quantity of each element is at the ppt level at most, which offers the most superior product in purity on the market.
÷Contamination-free container
Ultrapur products are contained in high-quality Teflon (PFA)-coated packaging, avoiding contamination from materials such as glass.
÷Certificate of Analysis
An assay is available for each product that records the lot-specific analysis obtained by ICP/MS and AAS methods.

Ultrapur Ultra High-Purity Reagent

Ultrapur Water
Catalog # Description Size
B3-43001-1B Ultrapur Water 1 L

Catalog # Description Size
B3-18078-1B Hydrochloric Acid 250mL
B3-18083-1B Hydrofluoric Acid 250mL
B3-28163-1B Nitric Acid 250mL
B3-32059-1B Perchloric Acid 250mL
B3-37390-1B Sulfuric Acid 250mL

Catalog # Description Size
B3-01266-3B Ammonia Solution 250mL
B3-32947-1B Potassium Hydroxide Solution (3mol/L) 250mL
B3-37960-1B Sodium Hydroxide Solution (3mol/L) 250mL