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MightysilMightysil GP-series columns are manufactured using a base material of highly purified silica gel. They are then end-capped using a new, chemically modified technique developed by Kanto. This advanced technology leaves the active sites on the silica surface inactivated. Mightysil GP is a versatile, highly reliable HPLC column designed for use with a variety of samples, having a wide pH range from acidic to basic.

Kanto's end-capping technique results in a dramatically sharp chromatographic peak, especially in samples with a high pH. Mightysil GP columns give a high theoretical plate height, even at a low operating pressure. The maximum end-capping increases the column stability over other commercially available C18 columns. Every column includes a Certificate of Analysis guaranteeing the analytical results of the column.

Please contact Kanto at for further information regarding column sizes, pricing and availability.