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Mightysil RP-18 GP Aqua demonstrates an increased durability and excellent reproducibility over conventional ODS columns when using up to 100% water-based solutions as eluents. This superior property was made possible by reducing the hydrophobic nature of the ODS ligands. Now Kanto gives you the ability to separate all substances, even if they are hydrophilic or hydrophobic, through the use of Mightysil columns.

Water Repellent: A conventional ODS column's hydrophobic properties repels water, which drastically reduces the durability of the column when using eluents with a high concentration of water.

Examples: Separation of hydrophilic substances (Mightysil RP-18 GP Aqua 250-4.6, 5µm)
Comparison with Mightysil RP-18 GP

In comparing RP-18 GP to RP-18 GP Aqua, the same separation pattern will be obtained, primarily due to identical full endcapping technology.
Analytical Validation by Mightysil RP-18 GP Aqua

Mightysil RP-18 GP Aqua maintains the high standard for the physical properties and elution characteristics of the packing material. The use of Mightysil RP-18 Aqua is ideal in situations that require validation.

We can provide the following services:

Strict Quality Management - Kanto's strict specifications and procedures eliminate factors that influence accurate analysis, such as deviation between batches and lots.

Availability of Different Lots - We are able to supply three different lots of columns for your validation purposes.

Certificate of Analysis - Every column includes a Certificate of Analysis.

Product Specification of Mightysil RP-18 GP Aqua
Packing material Unit Specification   Elution Characteristics (150-4.6mmØ)


Mean Particle Size µm 4.3~4.7   N / m (Anthracene) 90,000~110,000
Surface Area m2/g 240~300   Symmetry (Anthracene) 0.9~1.4
Mean Pore Diameter nm 12~15      
Pore Volume mL/g 0.85~1.05      
Carbon Content % 13.5~16.5      


Product List
Packing material
Particle Size
Column SizeLength - I.D. (mm)
Product #
Mightysil RP-18 GP Aqua 5µm 250-4.6 B2-25640-96
    150-4.6 B2-25641-96
    5-4.6 (including guard column x 10 B2-25642-96
Mightysil Guard Column Holder(including capillary connector) for I.D. 4.6mm column B2-25430-96