After Installation Total Chemical Management

Kanto's Chemical Management Services consist of a large number of service elements, each operating within a homogeneous system - the chemical process chain. We provide total system integration. Our services include, but are not limited to, system tracking and documentation, inventory management and control, quality assurance, HAZMAT emergency response, 24-hour system operation and maintenance, and spent chemical disposition.

The goals of our operations team are as follows:

- Provide safe handling of chemicals for the site
- Provide chemical in the quantity and quality required
  at every point of use
- Focus on chemical system uptime
- Manage-out all unplanned tool downtime due to chemicals
  or chemical systems
- Reduce the total cost of chemical supply
- Provide continuous improvement via Kanto's manufacturing team

In conjunction with these goals, Kanto's specific objectives are zero recordable accidents, zero leaks of hazardous materials, 99.99% system availability, zero production time lost due to chemicals or chemical systems, spending within budget, and continuous improvement.

Our Chemical Management Services performance to date has been exceptional, including 99.99% system uptime and zero recordable accidents. This history supports our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.